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Rochelle Municipal Utilities

Fiber Optic Internet Available to Rochelle Businesses

Why Fiber Optic Internet Access?

FAST Access to the Internet and other IP-based Services
Broadband services possilbe (VPNs, VLANS, etc.)
Convenient - Suitable for connecting several computers or your entire network to the Internet at the same time.
Immediate Connectivity - Subscriber is "Always On".
Unlimited data transfer! No "per gigabyte" limits either upstream or down.


RMU offers consistency in pricing!  The price you agree to when you connect is the price you pay for the entire length of your contract.

Additional Services

Mail Server
Web Server
IP Addresses
Business Pricing


Activation Fees for all Fiber Plans are dependent on Contract Length.

One Year Contract $600
Two Year Contract $300
Three Year Contract - No Activation Fee